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LED Outdoor Lighting Brightens a Mediterranean Villa nestled between the Imperial River and Harbor Cove

Tucked in the Bonita Bay neighborhood of Bonita Springs, FL sits a gorgeous Mediterranean Villa that was just asking for some outdoor lighting. With gorgeous architectural details, brick paver driveway and a variety of palm trees we couldn’t ask for a better canvas.

Architectural Lighting in Bonita Springs

architectural -outdoor-lighting-show-off-mediterranean-villa-bonita-bay

The front of this Mediterranean beauty does not disappoint. In the day time you’ll notice the prominence of the five Alexander Palm trees that frame the fountain and skim the roof line. Your eye is naturally drawn up to the top of the palms where your attention is immediately grabbed by the beautiful arches over the balcony and then the red tile roof.


Our intent with the front of the home was to make the features that are so striking during the day, equally striking after dark. By focusing on the arches, fountain and roof line we were able to not only highlight the details of the Mediterranean style but also show off the height of the Alexander Palms. With tree lighting, the palms now frame the illuminated arches and fountain while creating additional beauty in shadows.

Entrance Lighting in Bonita Springs


A beautiful inviting entrance like this should never be under the cover of darkness. The homeowners asked us to illuminate the entryway and stairs so evening visitors could be guided inside safely. With a brick paver driveway and sidewalk leading to the stairs that are tucked in so perfectly under the Live Oak trees, this entry way was dark and treacherous under even the brightest moonlight.


To remedy the dark entryway, we started with some down lighting hidden up in the Southern Live Oak trees. What used to cause the darkness became a perfect source for just the right amount of light. By also adding integrated outdoor LED uplights and path lights we were able to show off the paver walkway, the beautiful stair case, and most importantly lead guests safely to the front door with lighting that appears to be planned solely for aesthetics.

Landscape Lighting in Bonita Springs


Around the right side of the home, just past the beautiful front entryway lies the brick paver driveway leading to the garage and rear of the property. Surrounded by beautiful landscaping that includes Coconut Palms, Sable Palms and another Southern Live Oak we needed to illuminate this area with subtle ambient light without stealing attention from the front of the home. Bonita Springs landscape lighting will be the key to achieving the results we are after.


We were able to place integrated LED uplights under the Coconut Palms and the Sable Palms to create a distinct yet gentle border around the edges of the driveway. With the addition of a couple of strategically placed integrated LED path lights, the homeowners were provided with enough ambient lighting to navigate into their home at night, without turning on their garage lights.

LED Outdoor Lighting in Bonita Springs


This is what 31 Watts can do. Using 1/2 the energy of a single incandescent light bulb.

By using only integrated LED fixtures at this Mediterranean Villa in Bonita Springs, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples was able to illuminate this architectural masterpiece and all of its landscaping with only 98 Watts along the front and 31 Watts around the side and rear. Think about that for a second. A standard incandescent light bulb is 60 Watts. We are illuminating the entire exterior of this home with just slightly more power than two of the light bulbs you may still have in your lamps at home. LED outdoor lighting is a great way to save energy and save costs without compromising light quality.

If you are ready to add exceptional Bonita Springs outdoor lighting to your home, pool, landscaping or focal features, call us for a free consultation.
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Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples Makes a Buzz on Houzz

Even when you’ve been in business as long as Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples, it’s always exciting to be recognized for good work. This past week, some of our work was featured in an article on Houzz – Wildlife Sensitive Ways to Light a Coastal Landscape. This article details outdoor lighting techniques that are both beautiful and do not cause damaging interference with the life cycle of coastal creatures. Some of the creatures most affected by light pollution are sea birds and sea turtles. Working in the Naples area for many years, we understand how important it is to preserve our natural landscape and indigenous wildlife, and we are being proactive. We know how to light your home in beautiful ways that protect sea creatures.


Houzz-LogoWhether you are planning to install outdoor lighting in a beach area or in a community off the water, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples has the skills, experience, and creativity to beautifully illuminate your outdoor living spaces, landscape, and architecture. Once you have read the Houzz article, cruise over to our Naples Houzz page. Browse our photos and Ideabooks. If you sign up for Houzz (there is no cost for using the site), you can create an Ideabook of your own and add pictures from our page that can help us understand what is important to include in your outdoor lighting design. Of course, we can never promise your property will “look just like the picture”, but these photos can serve as inspiration and can help us capture the mood you want for the space.


As outdoor lighting designers and community members, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples strives to make Naples better and brighter. Taking on unique properties and challenging projects excites us. We work hard to ensure that our clients receive the very best outdoor lighting possible and have their visions realized.


If you are looking for an outdoor lighting designer, contact Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples today. We would love to take on your project – small or large, beach or woods, landscape or architecture. Nighttime beauty can be friendly to our coastal environment. You simply need a designer that knows how to accomplish both.

Kurt Shearer Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples



Kurt Shearer, Owner

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples

Particular Tree Lighting for the Particular Palms

While most of the country has experienced much chillier temperatures this week, here in Naples our thermometers are reading in the 70’s and low 80’s, which is perfect for being outdoors. Our warmer yearly temperatures are also perfect for palm trees. They flourish here. And while people in colder regions of the country may envy our temperatures (especially this week), they probably envy our palm trees even more. Every year, homeowners in other areas of the country pay hefty sums to purchase the trees that are native to Florida. You probably have several of them in your own yard and value their contribution to your landscape. They are regal and majestic. But are you able to truly experience their famous beauty after dark? Are they illuminated by your outdoor lighting system? If not, they should be, so they can continue to add value to your landscape at night.


Uniquely shaped, palm trees need different treatment to get the best illumination.

Uniquely shaped, palm trees need different treatment to get the best illumination.

Just as with other areas of outdoor lighting, there are correct and incorrect ways to light palm trees. And while you could get general contractors or landscapers to install your tree lighting cheaply, they are not lighting specialists and may not understand how to bring out the best of your palms. To be able to illuminate palms correctly, it is important to understand their anatomy. Palm trees have a unique crown shape, and the proportion of crown to trunk also differs from other tree species. Additionally, some palms have a crownshaft connecting the crown to the trunk. Because palm trees are so different from other trees, they need a special approach to lighting.


For proper illumination, palms not only require proper positioning of lights, but they also need a variety of bulb wattagess and beam spreads. This ensures the whole palm is illuminated and that parts of the crown aren’t getting lost in the dark. Without these special wattages and spreads, fixtures cannot be properly positioned to create optimal illumination. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples uses multiple bulb wattages and beam spreads to bring out the very best of your palms. General contractors and landscapers tend to use the same bulbs in all fixtures.


With proper lighting, leaves and trunk are clearly visible.

With proper lighting, leaves and trunk are clearly visible.

Using dramatic uplighting (angling a well or spotlight upward toward the crown), the individual leaflets or segments of your palm leaves shine against the dark shadows beyond. And with the proper bulbs and spreads, your palms’ trunks can flaunt their wealth of texture at the same time. A fitting showcase for one of the most identifiable symbols of our state. If you are ready to bring out the very best of your palm trees after sunset, call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples. By coming to your property to view your trees first hand and discovering what you are looking for, we can ensure these giants are as iconic at night as they are in our brilliant Florida sunlight.



Kurt Shearer Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples


Kurt Shearer, Owner

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples

Celebrate National Outdoor Lighting Month with a New Outdoor Lighting System

It seem like once school starts fall is upon us and then there’s a rush for the holidays.  It’s not even Halloween yet but we’ve already noticed Christmas decorations popping up in stores all over Naples. It makes sense – smart shoppers know they’ll find the best deals and get the best products when they beat the rush. It’s all about making your home look its best and that is true with outdoor lighting as well.  So why not celebrate National Outdoor Lighting Month with a new outdoor lighting system for your home.

Naples home with various outdoor lighting techniques

Participate in National Outdoor Lighting Month to give your home a beautiful, customized look with outdoor lighting.

As part of National Outdoor Lighting Month, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples is offering a great resources for families to start preparing for the longer nights with tips,  high-quality product profiles and more. By visiting NationalOutdoorLightingMonth.com you can  download the free guide that will help in choosing an outdoor lighting professional.


Light up your favorite areas outside and extend your outdoor hours with creative outdoor lighting.

Once daylight savings hits, most of the time we’ll spend at home will be after dark.  Don’t miss out on the beautiful, cool Florida weather this Fall by staying indoors – light up your favorite areas outside and extend your evening outdoor hours.

We offer a number of beautiful landscape lighting products to transform your yard at night, and you can create a resort-style look for your pool with just a few subtle, elegant highlights. You don’t have to be left in the dark this season – work one-on-one with an expert to create your own unique design, and get the most out of the gorgeous Florida weather you love.

Make a smart choice by choosing a trained professional

When you work with an expert, you can have peace of mind that your system is safe and built to last. In addition to giving your home a more polished, luxurious look, an expert knows how to wire your fixtures efficiently so they won’t light up your power bill. Learn more about the benefits of hiring an expert by downloading the free guide on www.NationalOutdoorLightingMonth.com.

Call the experts at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples today.  You’ve got everything you need to take advantage of National Outdoor Lighting Month and beat the rush before daylight savings time.


Kurt Shearer, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of NaplesKurt Shearer, Owner

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples