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Lights Out: Step-by-Step Troubleshooting your Fort Myers Outdoor Lighting Outage

gfci imageWhile we pride ourselves in our reliable LED outdoor lighting systems, there are many uncontrollable circumstances that may have your lighting system leaving you in the dark. After heavy rains, an electrical storm, hurricane, or rogue landscaping equipment, your lights may not come back on. While we are pleased to have you call us and let us check it out, it may be an easy flip of a switch to get you back up in running. In that case, we’d love to give you a checklist of switches and items to check before you call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples so that you can get your lights back on sooner.

  • Check to make sure your transformer is plugged in. There are many reasons a transformer can become unplugged and forgotten.
  • If you have a timer or lighting control automation system make sure the timer is plugged in. It may need time to restore the programming after a power outage.
  • Check your Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) by pushing the Reset button.
  • Check for a tripped breaker inside your transformer.
  • Check for a tripped breaker inside your main electrical panel.
Kurt Shearer, Owner Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples 239-263-9975

Kurt Shearer, Owner
Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples

If all of these items are checked and seem to be on and your system is still not turning on, call us. We’ll come out to check your system from A-Z. There are many issues that can happen that are beyond our control. From issues within your home’s electrical system, outlets shorting out, garden tools cutting wires and lightning strikes can cause a host of scenarios that could leave you in the dark. We’ll be sure to find the reason behind your outage and make sure to get you up and running as quickly as possible.

Call today. We’ll be happy to answer questions over the phone or come out for a maintenance inspection. 239-263-9975

LED Outdoor Lighting Maintenance For Snowbirds Heading North for the Summer


Are you heading up north for the summer? Closing your Fort Myers home for the summer can be a daunting task. Outdoor lighting is a great way to secure your home while you are away. We have a few ideas to help you keep your home secure all summer long and ensure your outdoor lighting system is running while you are away.

Fort Myers LED Outdoor Lighting Upgrade

LED Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of NaplesIf your current outdoor lighting system is low-voltage and you usually shut it off for the summer, we have a great upgrade option for you. Upgrading to LED outdoor lighting in Fort Myers is easier now than ever. LED will use 80% less energy and is much more reliable than low-voltage, allowing you to leave it on the entire summer for added security and a natural appearance that you are home. We can convert most Fort Myers outdoor lighting systems into LED for immediate energy savings.

Quarterly LED Outdoor Lighting Checkups

We can make sure your outdoor lighting is working properly when you are up north

We can make sure your outdoor lighting is working properly when you are up north

With reliable and long lasted LED outdoor lighting systems there is not a ton of maintenance required. Because of this lack of repairs and lamp changes, it can be easy to neglect much-needed adjustments and maintenance. To keep your LED outdoor lighting system running and looking great we offer a quarterly LED outdoor lighting checkup. We’ll come out to your place, turn your entire system on and check the entire system from A-Z. We’ll check every fixture, line, lens, transformer and the entire lighting design. We’ll rebury lines that have been exposed, trim away foliage that is interfering with the design, clean lenses, adjust aim and repair any issues (with approval).

How Does An LED Inspection Help When I Have Gone North for the Summer?

With the right timing, our LED outdoor lighting system check-up can be perfectly timed for ensuring your system is still running smoothly while you are away. Electrical storms, heavy rains and winds can cause a circuit to trip, landscaping to erode or tree branches to fall and interrupt your lighting design. When We can come out and make sure your system is not only running but looking good and performing its job as security lighting for a secure home while you are away.

Kurt Shearer, Owner Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples 239-263-9975

Kurt Shearer, Owner
Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples

We encourage you to use your LED outdoor lighting system with our lighting control automation to keep your home safe and secure while you are away for the summer. If this makes you nervous just call us here at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples, we’ll check your system for you so you can enjoy your time up north without worry. Call today (239) 263-9975 to schedule your Fort Myers LED outdoor lighting quarterly inspection.

Securing Your Naples or Fort Myers Home While You’re Away for the Summer

It’s that time of year again, many of our beloved snowbirds are heading north to spend their summer with family and friends. If you’re heading home for the summer, you quite likely have a long to-do list in preparation for your trip. With so much to consider, we’ve put together a few tips for securing your home while you’re away for any extended period.

Create the illusion that you’re home

This illusion is the best way to deter potential burglaries. There are many ways to achieve this illusion including:

  • tree-lighting-Old-Florida-home-NaplesMail Delivery. Suspend all mail/package delivery while you’re away. Don’t forget monthly subscriptions and newspapers.
  • Car in the Driveway. Leaving a car in the driveway is a great way to make burglars think twice. Asking a trusted neighbor to park in your driveway will create a more believable affect as the car will come and go at normal hours.
  • Timers. Adding timers to your indoor lights will allow you to set your lamps to come on at various times to give a natural appearance to the evenings and early mornings inside of your home.
  • Maintenance. Hire someone or a service to perform regular exterior maintenance on your home while away. Keeping the lawn maintained and the shrubbery trimmed will keep your home looking neat and occupied.
  • Outdoor Lighting. Outside lighting provides visibility of doors and windows from the street and neighboring homes, deterring would-be burglars from trying to enter through such a visible area.
  • Timers. Outside lights left on during the day can signal you are gone. It is the little things like this that burglars look for. Learn about Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples lighting control automation, it can control your interior and exterior lights. And best of all, it can be turned on and off from a laptop, allowing you to make changes and resets from across the country.

Security system

Having a security system is a great way to deter intruders. If alarms go off when windows are opened or doors are opened, intruders will usually leave immediately. Add security system signage to your lawn or front door to advertise that your home is secure to deter attempted burglaries before they even try.

Attentive neighbor or friend

Ask a trusted neighbor or friend to watch over your place and call you in the event there is an issue. Having your home checked over once a week to be sure issues from summer storms, attempted burglaries or power outages don’t occur is advised to avoid having small issues turn into large expensive disasters.

A house sitter

Hiring a house-sitter is a great way to keep your home occupied while you are gone. With someone inhabiting your home and keeping up with general every day cleaning and maintenance you can rest easy knowing any potential issues that could arise are being handled or communicated to you in real-time.

More Summer Vacation Preparation

Kurt Shearer, Owner Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples 239-263-9975

Kurt Shearer, Owner
Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples

Security is not the only consideration when going north for the summer. There are many maintenance items you will want to be sure to address before you go to make sure your home does not suffer any ill-effects from heat, power outages or moisture build up while you’re away. We discovered a fantastic resource provided by a local realtor, to help you cover your bases.

If you’re interested in lighting control automation or outdoor lighting for your home, call today for a free consultation. 239-263-9975

Naples Outdoor Lighting Nighttime Demonstration

Test driving a car has become the standard when it comes to purchasing a vehicle. While home renovation and improvement remains a hard service to preview, here at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples we’ve found a way to make sure you get to see exactly what you’re going to get from us before you commit to anything or spend a cent.

Outdoor Lighting Demonstration

Billy_Scales_Night_Demo_InstallOur complimentary nighttime demonstration allows you to see our outdoor lighting design, custom created just for you. It even allows you to make changes and additions where needed – seeing these changes first hand, on-the-spot. We can tell you how great outdoor lighting is all day but nothing will resonate the way it does when you walk amongst the lights for yourself. Previewing your new Fort Myers landscape lighting is the best way to know what you’re getting.

When you call our office the first time, we’ll set up a convenient time for one of our outdoor lighting experts to meet you at your home or business – wherever you are considering adding outdoor lighting. We’ll have you show us around your property, listening and asking questions to get a true sense of how the space is used and what your goals are for lighting the outdoor space.

Custom Outdoor Lighting Design

After taking a few pictures, scheduling your nighttime demonstration and jotting down some notes, our outdoor lighting designer will come back to the office and create a custom outdoor lighting design for you. We’ll consider each fixture, its effects, its placement and the overall results that will be attained. Our design team will consider the outcome from the practical aspects of achieving goals for the function of the space, while also discovering ways to make the space beautiful, comfortable, warm and inviting.

The art of outdoor lighting is not something we will ever let go for the sake of functionality. Every light can be used to create beautiful artistry with light and shadow, while simultaneously achieving function such as task lighting, safety lighting and security lighting. Bonita Springs outdoor lighting achieves multiple practical goals while achieving night time beauty.

Night Time Demonstration

When we come out to your home or business on demo day, we’ll arrive approximately 30 minutes to an hour before dark (depending on the size of the outdoor lighting design). We show you the design and listen to any additional thoughts you may have come up with since we first met. Then we’ll let you get back to your life while we place our demonstration lights around your property according to the outdoor lighting design we’ve created.

Seeing is Believing

Iconic Florida beauty - enjoyable all night long.

Iconic Florida beauty – enjoyable all night long.

As sunset approaches we will bring you outside and hand you the remote. As the darkness blankets us, you can flip the switch when you’re ready to see your landscape, home, deck, patio or business illuminated with the beauty of our outdoor lighting system for the first time. As you take it all in, we’ll let you notice each fixture and what it is accomplishing. At this point we will collaborate with you and potentially move or add lights, turn some on and others off giving you the ability to test out first-hand what you really want. Collaborative custom outdoor lighting is the best way for each individual to get everything they want from their Estero landscape lighting.

If you like what you see, if you like the final results, we’ll schedule your outdoor lighting installation. If you still want to take time to think about it, we’ll leave without putting any pressure on you whatsoever. In outdoor lighting our goal is to illuminate your life with beauty and function, not to pressure you into buying something you’re not ready to buy. The best part is, our nighttime outdoor lighting demonstration is completely free – you have nothing to lose. Call today!

Kurt Shearer, Owner Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples 239-263-9975

Kurt Shearer, Owner
Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples

Call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples today 239-263-9975 today for a free consultation or email us at naples@outdoorlights.com – Don’t forget to visit our website at naples.outdoorlights.com. We look forward to hearing from you.

Upgrade your Naples Outdoor Lighting System to LED Before the Long Nights of Winter Arrive

LED Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of NaplesThere are many great benefits to having LED outdoor lights. Compared to incandescent and halogen outdoor lighting options, LED offers lower energy use, lower energy cost, longer bulb life and high quality beautiful illumination with plenty of flexibility.

While all of those features are fantastic, I have to admit, seeing the significantly lower electric bill at the end of each month is my favorite part. There is no use in having a gorgeous outdoor lighting system at your Naples home if you are turning them off because you are concerned about the electric bill. If you’re considering installing a new outdoor lighting system, LED outdoor lights are the only way to go.

Retrofit Existing Naples Outdoor Lighting Systems

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples we don’t just install new outdoor lighting. We repair, maintain, retrofit and upgrade existing outdoor lighting systems. If you already have an outdoor lighting system installed by someone else, there is a very good chance we can come in and retrofit it to LED. By upgrading your outdoor lighting to LED you’ll save up to 80% on your electric bill without having to have an entire new system installed. With LED you get gorgeous light that matches your previous light, but with less electricity to get you there. A standard halogen’s light temperature is 2700-3000K and considered soft white. We primarily use 3000K LED light, matching perfectly.

Naples home with various outdoor lighting techniquesLonger Nights, Means Running More Lights. More Lights, Means more Electricity.

The winter is a lovely time of year in Naples. With the nights being longer, but the weather still being warm, you’ll be running your outdoor lighting even more. Winter evenings are a great time to enjoy your Naples lanai or deck. Don’t wait until the shortest day of the year to realize you’re missing out on a cost savings by not having LED outdoor lights. Now is the time to call us to have your outdoor lighting system upgraded to LED, before the nights get long and the electric bill goes up.

An LED Retrofit Means More Capacity

One of the benefits of upgrading your outdoor lighting system to LED means that your transformer is handling less wattage. With less wattage being used, if your transformer was previously maxed out, you will be able to add more lights that you may have originally decided against. For instance if you currently have seven 35 watt halogen lights and your transformer is full, replacing those with 6 watt LEDs (for a comparable effect) means you can now fit a total of forty 6 Watt LED lights on that transformer. Meaning with just some additional wiring but no new transformer you can add 33 more lights, if you wanted to.

Kurt Shearer, Owner Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples 239-263-9975

Kurt Shearer, Owner
Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples

Learn more about energy and cost saving outdoor lighting upgrades when you call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples today. Call 239-263-9975 today for a free consultation or email us at naples@outdoorlights.com – Don’t forget to visit our website at naples.outdoorlights.com. We look forward to hearing from you.

LED Outdoor Lighting Brightens a Mediterranean Villa nestled between the Imperial River and Harbor Cove

Tucked in the Bonita Bay neighborhood of Bonita Springs, FL sits a gorgeous Mediterranean Villa that was just asking for some outdoor lighting. With gorgeous architectural details, brick paver driveway and a variety of palm trees we couldn’t ask for a better canvas.

Architectural Lighting in Bonita Springs

architectural -outdoor-lighting-show-off-mediterranean-villa-bonita-bay

The front of this Mediterranean beauty does not disappoint. In the day time you’ll notice the prominence of the five Alexander Palm trees that frame the fountain and skim the roof line. Your eye is naturally drawn up to the top of the palms where your attention is immediately grabbed by the beautiful arches over the balcony and then the red tile roof.


Our intent with the front of the home was to make the features that are so striking during the day, equally striking after dark. By focusing on the arches, fountain and roof line we were able to not only highlight the details of the Mediterranean style but also show off the height of the Alexander Palms. With tree lighting, the palms now frame the illuminated arches and fountain while creating additional beauty in shadows.

Entrance Lighting in Bonita Springs


A beautiful inviting entrance like this should never be under the cover of darkness. The homeowners asked us to illuminate the entryway and stairs so evening visitors could be guided inside safely. With a brick paver driveway and sidewalk leading to the stairs that are tucked in so perfectly under the Live Oak trees, this entry way was dark and treacherous under even the brightest moonlight.


To remedy the dark entryway, we started with some down lighting hidden up in the Southern Live Oak trees. What used to cause the darkness became a perfect source for just the right amount of light. By also adding integrated outdoor LED uplights and path lights we were able to show off the paver walkway, the beautiful stair case, and most importantly lead guests safely to the front door with lighting that appears to be planned solely for aesthetics.

Landscape Lighting in Bonita Springs


Around the right side of the home, just past the beautiful front entryway lies the brick paver driveway leading to the garage and rear of the property. Surrounded by beautiful landscaping that includes Coconut Palms, Sable Palms and another Southern Live Oak we needed to illuminate this area with subtle ambient light without stealing attention from the front of the home. Bonita Springs landscape lighting will be the key to achieving the results we are after.


We were able to place integrated LED uplights under the Coconut Palms and the Sable Palms to create a distinct yet gentle border around the edges of the driveway. With the addition of a couple of strategically placed integrated LED path lights, the homeowners were provided with enough ambient lighting to navigate into their home at night, without turning on their garage lights.

LED Outdoor Lighting in Bonita Springs


This is what 31 Watts can do. Using 1/2 the energy of a single incandescent light bulb.

By using only integrated LED fixtures at this Mediterranean Villa in Bonita Springs, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples was able to illuminate this architectural masterpiece and all of its landscaping with only 98 Watts along the front and 31 Watts around the side and rear. Think about that for a second. A standard incandescent light bulb is 60 Watts. We are illuminating the entire exterior of this home with just slightly more power than two of the light bulbs you may still have in your lamps at home. LED outdoor lighting is a great way to save energy and save costs without compromising light quality.

If you are ready to add exceptional Bonita Springs outdoor lighting to your home, pool, landscaping or focal features, call us for a free consultation.
Visit our website: naples.outdoorlights.com

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Safety is Beautiful: Outdoor Lighting for Your Southwest Home Security

Eliminating darkness on your property can make it more secure.

Eliminating darkness on your property can make it more secure.

It’s migration season. Birds that wintered over here in Naples are journeying back north. Of course, this happens with people too. Many who spend the winter in our area will be returning to their summer homes in the next few weeks. If you are headed back north soon, you are probably going through your checklist to be sure everything is ready for the months you will be away. Leaving your property for long periods of time can cause apprehension. You want your home to be safe and secure. Don’t forget that outdoor lighting is one of your best security measures, so be sure your system is in top shape before you leave.


A well-illuminated property is a crime deterrent. Such a home is at less risk of vandalism or breaking and entering. Unsavory characters prefer to strike homes that are shadowed and dark. In those environments, they are much less likely to be spotted. Not only is outdoor lighting striking and elegant, it can prompt someone with bad intentions to keep moving down the street. So contact Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples to schedule system maintenance. We will ensure your fixtures are in their optimal positions, wiring is reburied, any burned out bulbs are replaced, and your transformer is in good condition. With these routine adjustments, your property will shine. It will attract the attention you want, admiration from neighbors and friends, and not the kind you don’t from vandals and thieves.


Lighting Control Automation can give the appearance of being home when you are not.

Lighting Control Automation can give the appearance of being home when you are not.

To further increase the security your outdoor lighting system provides, consider adding Lighting Control Automation (LCA). While it is like a timer in many ways, it does so much more. LCA controls all of the electrical circuits on your property, including your interior lights and TV. Different zones are established, and they can be programmed to turn on and off on a schedule that mimics your normal routines. That way, the exterior of your home and your landscape is illuminated, and your interior lights come on and turn off as if you were home. Knowing it will be less apparent that you are away can give you peace of mind until you return to Naples again in the fall.


So if you are migrating soon, give Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples a call. Whether it is routine maintenance, installing Lighting Control Automation, or installing a new system, we can help you be sure your property is secure and ready for your departure. You can relax and enjoy your summer.


Kurt Shearer Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples




Kurt Shearer, Owner

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples

Nighttime Insects Less Attracted to our LED Outdoor Lighting

Annoying bugs can be drawn to lights in your oasis.

Annoying bugs can be drawn to lights in your oasis.

In Naples, nights on the lanai, sitting by the pool, or lounging on the patio are the highlight of the day. There, we can escape the heat and relax in the milder evening temperatures. For this reason, nights outdoors are cherished times in this region, and outdoor lighting is key to making those nights beautiful, elegant, and safe. Of course, no night is perfect. Under the warm glow of your deck lighting you may well have heard the hum of a mosquito in your ear or been dive bombed by a psycho moth. It is no secret that bugs are drawn to lights. Whether an outdoor fixture or a child’s flashlight, bugs just can’t seem to resist the glow.

Why? Most light, whether natural or artificial, contains not only what we see but also UV rays. These rays are invisible to the human eye but very present and very attractive to insects. Bugs that are most active at night, when most natural light falls in the blue/violet end of the spectrum, are especially attracted to UV rays because they use them to navigate and find food.

Our Cree LED bulbs do not emit the UV light that draws insects.

Our Cree LED bulbs do not emit the UV light that draws insects.

Now, there is another great reason to upgrade to the LED fixtures installed by Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples. The Cree bulbs we use in our LEDs are actually less attractive to insects than other bulbs. In a recent study conducted in the Department Etymology at The University of Georgia, Dr. Marianne Shockley Cruz and Rebecca Lindner were able to identify the UV waves insects find most attractive. Fortunately for our customers, Cree LEDs do not emit these wavelengths. As a result, bugs don’t care that much for them. So in addition to saving energy, outlasting their halogen counterparts, and illuminating your home in the warm glow you have come to expect from outdoor lighting, LED bulbs attract fewer bugs. This, of course, means a more enjoyable night for you and your family unwinding in the lanai or on the patio. Does this mean you won’t get bit by a mosquito if you install our LEDs? Of course not. But it does mean, bugs will find your outdoor lights less inviting, and you will even spend less time cleaning dead bugs out of your light covers, which is not a fun task for anyone.

So reclaim your nights. If you haven’t made the switch to using LED bulbs in your outdoor lighting system, contact us today. We can make your outdoor areas less attractive to annoying bugs and more attractive to you.


Kurt Shearer Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples



Kurt Shearer, Owner

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples

Leave a Light On For When You Come Home – Update Your Outdoor Lighting Installation Even While You’re Away

It’s almost fall again, which means many Naples residents are starting to plan their trips back home for the winter. Make sure your return home is as bright and easy as possible by scheduling your outdoor lighting updates now with Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples.

Why should I update my outdoor lighting?

Outdoor lighting can take you to another place in your own Naples backyard

Bring out the best of your beautiful yard with professional outdoor lighting.

There are many reasons you should consider servicing your outdoor lighting system before you come home. For one, things change in Southwest Florida. Many customers had to make some mandatory renovations to their home and yard after the series of tropical storms last year. This year, while the deluge of rain may have washed out the summer, it also resulted in some truly beautiful, lush greenery cropping up all over Naples neighborhoods. If your home looks a little different now than it did when  you first installed your outdoor lighting, it’s important to revisit a few old fixtures and placements in order to make sure your home is still looking its absolute best.

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples offers a wide variety of upgrade options, so it’s important to work one-on-one with an expert to make the best choices for your home. It’s easy to revisit your home and move some fixtures around for the best placements, check that the right bulbs are being used to display the best color and spread for your home’s features and more.

If you’re thinking about adding on to your outdoor lighting system, we can create a new custom plan for you. An expert will visit your home, analyze the best way to build on your existing system and come up with a brand new design to reflect your style and bring out the most impressive features of your home

Consider switching to LED outdoor lighting for a brighter look.

Another option to consider is switching to brighter, more energy-efficient LED fixtures. These bulbs are an absolutely stunning way to light up your favorite features of your home, and they use nearly 80% less energy than halogen bulbs. Plus, LED lighting is in it for the long-haul: this type of bulb often lasts as long as 50,000 hours, or 25 years.

And the best part? You don’t even have to be there! If you’re still soaking up the last few days of summer before you come home for the changing season, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples can work with you to perform all of your upgrades while you’re away. It may easily be one of the most convenient things you can check off of your to-do list this fall, and the results will light up your home beautifully every night of the winter.

Kurt Shearer Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples

Kurt Shearer, Owner

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples


Creating Unique Outdoor Lighting Solutions for Unique Properties

In the world of outdoor lighting, one plus one does not always equal two. This may sound a little far fetched and like a worn out expression, but in truth, the solution to a client’s lighting needs may not be a typical formula. Occasionally, here at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples, we encounter lighting needs that require a little extra attention and creativity, and we love the challenge. This is not to say that there is no art in more typical outdoor lighting designs and

Outdoor dining is much more enjoyable with a nicely lit table

Outdoor dining is much more enjoyable with a nicely lit table

installs. Each property we light is treated with the utmost care and attention so we can be certain our clients get what they want and need. But unique situations give us a chance to try our skills and push what many believe are the limitations of outdoor lighting. The opportunity to come up with a truly unique solution is something we value.


We’ve recently had the opportunity to do several projects inside lanais here in Southwest Florida.  While some might questing if this is truly outdoor lighting, the screens of the structures do make them more like a porch than an actual room. Since the lighting is subjected to the elements of our

Florida environment, outdoor lighting is needed in situations like this.  During a recent project, we created a chandelier using our outdoor lighting fixtures. We hung this chandelier inside the structure and suspended it over a seating area so that the entire area was washed with an elegant light. This lighting was installed on its own switch in order to give our client more control over the lanai without affecting the other landscape lights. And in order to keep our client from having to deal with the climb involved with changing bulbs every 5,000 hours, we used our long-lasting LED fixtures.


Outdoor lighting can light up your grill area and be turned off when the cooking is done

Outdoor lighting can light up your grill area and be turned off when the cooking is done

We did a similar project for another client above a grill. Again, we added an additional switch so that the client had more control and could simply turn off the light once the food was prepared. The wiring for a solution such as this is easily attached to the structure, making the process of concealing it much easier.


These are just a couple examples of unique lighting solutions that we have developed for our clients’ unique needs. With the expertise of Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples and just a little creativity, we can develop a unique, elegant lighting design that will not only meet your needs but will also turn the heads of your neighbors and guests. If you have an area you hope to light but are doubtful a beautiful remedy can be created, do not hesitate to call us. Not only are we able to make what you need, we are excited to do so.


Kurt Shearer Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples

Kurt Shearer
Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples





For more photos of our unique outdoor lighting, visit our outdoor lighting photo gallery and our landscape and garden lighting photo gallery on our website.