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LED Outdoor Lighting Brightens a Mediterranean Villa nestled between the Imperial River and Harbor Cove

Tucked in the Bonita Bay neighborhood of Bonita Springs, FL sits a gorgeous Mediterranean Villa that was just asking for some outdoor lighting. With gorgeous architectural details, brick paver driveway and a variety of palm trees we couldn’t ask for a better canvas.

Architectural Lighting in Bonita Springs

architectural -outdoor-lighting-show-off-mediterranean-villa-bonita-bay

The front of this Mediterranean beauty does not disappoint. In the day time you’ll notice the prominence of the five Alexander Palm trees that frame the fountain and skim the roof line. Your eye is naturally drawn up to the top of the palms where your attention is immediately grabbed by the beautiful arches over the balcony and then the red tile roof.


Our intent with the front of the home was to make the features that are so striking during the day, equally striking after dark. By focusing on the arches, fountain and roof line we were able to not only highlight the details of the Mediterranean style but also show off the height of the Alexander Palms. With tree lighting, the palms now frame the illuminated arches and fountain while creating additional beauty in shadows.

Entrance Lighting in Bonita Springs


A beautiful inviting entrance like this should never be under the cover of darkness. The homeowners asked us to illuminate the entryway and stairs so evening visitors could be guided inside safely. With a brick paver driveway and sidewalk leading to the stairs that are tucked in so perfectly under the Live Oak trees, this entry way was dark and treacherous under even the brightest moonlight.


To remedy the dark entryway, we started with some down lighting hidden up in the Southern Live Oak trees. What used to cause the darkness became a perfect source for just the right amount of light. By also adding integrated outdoor LED uplights and path lights we were able to show off the paver walkway, the beautiful stair case, and most importantly lead guests safely to the front door with lighting that appears to be planned solely for aesthetics.

Landscape Lighting in Bonita Springs


Around the right side of the home, just past the beautiful front entryway lies the brick paver driveway leading to the garage and rear of the property. Surrounded by beautiful landscaping that includes Coconut Palms, Sable Palms and another Southern Live Oak we needed to illuminate this area with subtle ambient light without stealing attention from the front of the home. Bonita Springs landscape lighting will be the key to achieving the results we are after.


We were able to place integrated LED uplights under the Coconut Palms and the Sable Palms to create a distinct yet gentle border around the edges of the driveway. With the addition of a couple of strategically placed integrated LED path lights, the homeowners were provided with enough ambient lighting to navigate into their home at night, without turning on their garage lights.

LED Outdoor Lighting in Bonita Springs


This is what 31 Watts can do. Using 1/2 the energy of a single incandescent light bulb.

By using only integrated LED fixtures at this Mediterranean Villa in Bonita Springs, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples was able to illuminate this architectural masterpiece and all of its landscaping with only 98 Watts along the front and 31 Watts around the side and rear. Think about that for a second. A standard incandescent light bulb is 60 Watts. We are illuminating the entire exterior of this home with just slightly more power than two of the light bulbs you may still have in your lamps at home. LED outdoor lighting is a great way to save energy and save costs without compromising light quality.

If you are ready to add exceptional Bonita Springs outdoor lighting to your home, pool, landscaping or focal features, call us for a free consultation.
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Naples’ Light Sculpting Specialists Bring You an Inspired Night

Warmth, enchantment, excitement, and refinement – these are just a few tones that truly inspired outdoor lighting can bring to your home. Areas of light and shadow contrast, creating focus and rhythm. Colors pop out in the dark. Your trees, flowers, and architecture come alive. These elements are the same yet different under the mesmerizing glow. Here at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples, we do more than just illuminate your property. We create mood and tone, form lines, craft texture, and direct sightlines. We are craftsmen and light sculpting specialists.

You may be wondering what a Light Sculpting Specialist is. This is an outdoor lighting professional who goes beyond simply illuminating an object. A light sculpting specialist manipulates light in order to create an effect, much like a sculptor manipulates clay to create a likeness. A light sculpting specialist scrutinizes detail and must be able to carefully control the light he/she uses.


Consider this lanai. Beautiful trees grow both in and outside the lanai, but the use of light blurs the viewer’s perception of this division. Trees and foliage plants both in and outside are illuminated with dramatic uplighting. The small, palm casts shadows up onto the cage ceiling making the vegetation seem even denser. As a contrast, downlighting is used to highlight the foliage plants on the right and balance out the scene. Lighting in the foreground and background is more subdued, manipulating sight lines and giving depth and serenity.



For this installation, particular attention was given to the line created by the stairs leading down to this pool area. Light is most intense and dense in the area between the stairs and the pool. It bounces off the palms down into the pool area, giving the space a warm, welcoming glow. However, the area above the stair line is more shadowed. Light fades until darkness dominates the upper right of this scene. This divisive technique shows separation between the outdoor living area and the world beyond. Balance is created in a fashion reminiscent of yin and yang.


In this patio and pool area, pools of light reveal gathering areas – the table, water feature, and the pool itself. The water feature, which is most removed, is illuminated more intensely imparting to it the ability to reach across distance and beckon. The table area uses a combination of uplighting and downlighting, giving functionality to the table while still drawing attention to the majestic tree sprawling overhead. Finally the light at the edge of the pool is the mid point on which the scene balances, as such its brightness is neither intense nor subdued.


As you can see, sculpting with light requires in-depth planning and masterful control over fixtures. The results of such labor are breath taking. Are you ready to transform your outdoor living areas into works of art that you can enjoy night after night? If so, call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples today and see what happens.

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Kurt Shearer, Owner

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples Makes a Buzz on Houzz

Even when you’ve been in business as long as Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples, it’s always exciting to be recognized for good work. This past week, some of our work was featured in an article on Houzz – Wildlife Sensitive Ways to Light a Coastal Landscape. This article details outdoor lighting techniques that are both beautiful and do not cause damaging interference with the life cycle of coastal creatures. Some of the creatures most affected by light pollution are sea birds and sea turtles. Working in the Naples area for many years, we understand how important it is to preserve our natural landscape and indigenous wildlife, and we are being proactive. We know how to light your home in beautiful ways that protect sea creatures.


Houzz-LogoWhether you are planning to install outdoor lighting in a beach area or in a community off the water, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples has the skills, experience, and creativity to beautifully illuminate your outdoor living spaces, landscape, and architecture. Once you have read the Houzz article, cruise over to our Naples Houzz page. Browse our photos and Ideabooks. If you sign up for Houzz (there is no cost for using the site), you can create an Ideabook of your own and add pictures from our page that can help us understand what is important to include in your outdoor lighting design. Of course, we can never promise your property will “look just like the picture”, but these photos can serve as inspiration and can help us capture the mood you want for the space.


As outdoor lighting designers and community members, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples strives to make Naples better and brighter. Taking on unique properties and challenging projects excites us. We work hard to ensure that our clients receive the very best outdoor lighting possible and have their visions realized.


If you are looking for an outdoor lighting designer, contact Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples today. We would love to take on your project – small or large, beach or woods, landscape or architecture. Nighttime beauty can be friendly to our coastal environment. You simply need a designer that knows how to accomplish both.

Kurt Shearer Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples



Kurt Shearer, Owner

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples

Let’s Talk Numbers: How Many Outdoor Lighting Fixtures You Need for Your Southwest Florida Home

When homeowners begin seriously considering outdoor lighting for their property, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples has found that one of the first things some want to know is how many lights they will need. Though we understand why clients seek this information early, beautiful outdoor lighting results from how lights are used rather than how many are installed. This is one of the primary differences between an experienced outdoor lighting designer and an amateur. How much we can do with just one outdoor light might surprise you, and actually, using too many lights can cause your property to be too bright. In these cases, onlookers will notice the light itself more than the details of your property


Often, in outdoor lighting, less is more.

Often, in outdoor lighting, less is more.

So how do outdoor lighting professionals do so much with just a few fixtures? We know the value of perfect placement, beam spread, and custom design.


Perfect Placement
Positioning outdoor lighting fixtures truly is an art form, and it is key to creating an exquisite system. When determining where to place a light and how to angle it, we consider the height, width, and texture of the object we will be illuminating. We use in-depth knowledge of fixtures and their outputs to do more with less.



Beam Spread
Beam spread refers to how light rays spread out as they travel from the fixture to the object that is illuminated. Optimally, designers are able to control beam spread, so they can have more control over the look of the system. They could spread light over a wider area by increasing it, or bring the light into tighter focus by constricting it. The fixtures used by Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples allow for such control.


By designing specifically for your property, we are able to highlight the very best features.

By designing specifically for your property, we are able to highlight the very best features.

Custom Design
No two properties are the same, and no two outdoor lighting systems should be the same either. Additionally, not all areas of your property should be illuminated. Areas of light balanced with areas of shadow give ambiance and tone. Uniform illumination will only make your property appear sterile. By highlighting the best features of a property, good designers draw attention to what is most important to their clients. The rest fades into the shadows.


So how many fixtures do you really need? Unfortunately, there is no formula. Even with specific dimensions, this cannot be determined until the designer has seen your property and understood what look you want for your system. For this reason, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples conducts free consultations with no obligation attached. Contact us today, and let us show you what we can do. While we can’t give you a specific number in this post, in most cases, less is more when designing outdoor lighting systems.


Kurt Shearer Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples



Kurt Shearer, Owner

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples

New Year, New Look: Naples Outdoor Lighting Ideas for 2014

2013 is one for the books, and 2014 is bright with possibilities and opportunities. For many homeowners, New Year’s Day is the perfect time to plan the improvements we want to make during the coming year. For Naples residents, this can be particularly exciting since our winter season is the best time to be outdoors. With mild temperatures and fewer storms, outdoor living in Naples thrives while most of the nation is shivering and hunkered down by the fireplace. So while you are planning your 2014 home improvements, don’t forget the outdoors! Now is the best time for these outdoor improvements. That way, you have plenty of time to enjoy them before the summer swelter sets in. And what better way to enjoy your outdoor spaces than under the inviting glow of outdoor lighting?

The New Year's Day is a great time to plan your home improvement projects for the year.

The New Year’s Day is a great time to plan your home improvement projects for the year.


Perhaps you are thinking of adding a lanai, reworking your garden, or improving your pool area. Whatever you plan for your outdoor spaces, outdoor lighting adds a touch of elegance, improved functionality, and safety in the area after dark. And outdoor lighting is the only way you can obtain these benefits.


So what are some outdoor lighting improvements you can make to elevate your outdoor living spaces? Consider the following:


1.     Water feature lighting – Your water feature accentuates southwest Florida’s mild temperatures all day with it splashes and gargles. Don’t lose its visual effect at night. Add underwater lighting to your pond or waterfall. Underwater lights create stunning effects, especially when water is mobile.

Uplighting highlights tree textures.

Uplighting highlights tree textures.

2.     Uplighting for trees – Because trees contain so many textures, uplighting heightens their grandeur. This is especially true for palm trees. The shadowing created by branches and leaves is particularly eye-catching.

3.     Path lighting – If you have a garden, path lighting can illuminate both your walkways and your flowers as long as they are placed strategically. These pools of light are beautiful and can save you and your family from trips and falls as well.

4.     Focal lighting – As its name implies, focal lighting brings focus to a particular area or object, so it encompasses a wide range of applications. It can be used in a garden to highlight particularly striking foliage, on a gazebo or trellis, or in a pool area or lanai to showcase plants or architectural features.

Lighting on this patio  helps separate the area from the rest of the landscape.

Lighting on this patio helps separate the area from the rest of the landscape.

5.     Patio/Deck lighting – Patio and deck lighting techniques are used to set a sitting area apart. When standing back from the area, the light should help create boundaries between this space and the rest of the outdoors. As a result, some techniques can be used to create boundaries in an area without the physical confines of railings or walls.


While you’re making 2014 improvement plans for your outdoor spaces, don’t forget the difference that professional outdoor lighting design and installation can make. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples has been serving our area for years. We know Naples’ styles and tastes, and we know outdoor lighting. So give us a call. We’d love to give your outdoor spaces the new start they deserve.



Kurt Shearer Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples


Kurt Shearer, Owner

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples

Arresting Beginnings: Key to the Finest Outdoor Lighting Experiences

Beginnings are important. Like a good movie, a great day, or a first impression, the best beginnings keep us engaged and wanting more, and they set the stage for great experiences. Without a great beginning, we would lose interest and move on to whatever comes next, but with the hook at the start, we stick around for the whole experience. Funny thing about beginnings – when we focus on the overall effect, we sometimes overlook them. Your outdoor lighting is an experience for everyone who sees it whether that person is family, friend, or simply passing through the neighborhood. So stop and think about your outdoor lighting for a moment. Does it have a dramatic beginning that sets visitors up for the beauty that follows when night falls on your home? If it doesn’t, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples can help.

Beginnings, such as your driveway, set the stage for your dramatic outdoor lighting.

Beginnings, such as your driveway, set the stage for your dramatic outdoor lighting.

Where are the beginnings for your outdoor lighting experience? Your driveways and entryways. As the entrance to your property, the driveway is the beginning, and it is a place that is often overlooked by homeowners and even outdoor lighting professionals. Of course, your distinct architectural features and towering palm trees should shine, but just as in a story or film, the overall effect is better if we build up to a big reveal. A subtly illuminated driveway arrests the attention of guests and accentuates the more dramatic architectural and landscape lighting highlighting your property’s best features. Enticing gate lighting can also make a bold statement that will impress and foreshadow the magnificent lighting guests can expect deeper into your property.


Entry way features, such as these palm trees, should not be overlooked. Beautifully lit, they draw attention to the dramatic architecture lighting of this home.

Entryway features, such as these palm trees, should not be overlooked. Beautifully lit, they draw attention to the dramatic architecture lighting of this home.

What fixtures and techniques can be used to create a “hook” for your drive or entryway? If your driveway features landscaping or architectural elements at the entrance, spotlights and well lights can be used to be sure these are noticed. Driveways can be lined with path lights to shine a soft, welcoming glow. And remember – when lining a drive with lights, it is important to stagger the fixtures on either side. After all, you don’t want to attract small planes with the “landing strip” look.


A successful outdoor lighting design creates a cohesive look and mood, just as a successful story leaves the reader or viewer with a feeling of completion, elation, terror (the list could go on for some time). And just as with a story, the beginning plays a crucial role. If you would like to be sure your property beginnings are drawing guests in, contact Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples today. We have orchestrated many stunning outdoor lighting experiences, and we would be happy to do the same for you.



Kurt Shearer Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples


Kurt Shearer, Owner

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples

Outdoor Lighting Techniques That Make Your Naples Home Shine

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples is committed to making your southwest Florida home stand out, and this has been our aim for many years. One of the reasons we are the best outdoor lighting company is because we tailor each system to the property features and the homeowner’s preferences. This makes each install unique and personal. Homes that are bathed in light from our systems are the most eye-catching in the neighborhood. When designing and installing outdoor lighting, we use several lighting techniques to highlight all the best of your home.  By implementing washing, grazing, and silhouetting, we can bring out the best of your Naples home.

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples Pool Lighting

Washing is a technique that is used to bring out texture. Perhaps, you have a stone accent wall on the exterior of your home or a landscape feature that incorporates a variety of plants. These elements are rich in texture, and this aspect should be showcased. Washing utilizes flood or well lights to accomplish this effect by illuminating them enough to show their distinctive characteristics but not with so much light that detail is lost.


If using the grazing technique, we “brush” landscape or architectural features with just enough light to allow your eyes notice that these features are there. This technique can be very useful to create an air of mystery or to light areas subtly.


Sometimes, what you don’t see is more striking than what you do see. Silhouetting involves putting a spot or floodlight behind an object to create a distinct shadow. This technique can be used to striking effect when lighting objects with unique shape. Ornamental plants or other landscape features become even more distinct when lighted in silhouette.

Naples home with various outdoor lighting techniques

Most homes we light use a combination of these techniques. Notice that each technique uses a different level of light. Contrasts, highlights, and lowlights work together to create a scene that reflects you, the homeowner, and makes your property visibly unique after sundown. We will highlight your home’s best features and delicately illuminate other areas in order to give you the best curb appeal possible.


If you want to bring out the best of your home, choose outdoor lighting from Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples. Call us today, and let us use our expertise to make your home shine.


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Kurt Shearer
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For more photos of our outdoor lighting techniques, visit our outdoor lighting photo gallery and our landscape and garden lighting photo gallery on our website.