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Southwest Florida’s Unique Spaces Deserve Great Lighting

The pleasant weather we enjoy in Southwest Florida lets us take advantage of the great outdoors much longer than in other parts of the country.  Entertaining or just relaxing on our decks and patios is more enjoyable with good lighting that allows us to stay outside longer.  But, thinking about other spaces unique to Florida’s Gulf Coast brings to mind additional areas that could benefit from outdoor lighting.

Naples path lighting illuminates the area and increases the safety.

Southwest Florida backyards often lead to a dock or water.  The pathways down to these docks can be illuminated to create ambiance and increase safety.  Our 6” low-voltage path light is a perfect choice for this application.  It’s hand-crafted with a solid copper top and mounting stake that is enhanced over time when the copper oxidizes to a gorgeous patina, blending in with the landscaping.  The built-in impact resistant irrigation shield protects the bulb so it’s not directly exposed to water, humidity and other elements that harm traditional lighting fixtures. The lighting radius of 15 feet is fully adjustable and ensures you and your guests won’t miss a step along the way.


Outdoor lighting on your docks is also advantageous.  A great option here is our low-voltage copper

Dock lighting also ensures your safety near the water

wall/deck light.  This fixture can be installed on the railings of the walkways to provide the perfect amount of light for safety and atmosphere.

Our wall/deck light is small but powerful, and casts a wide indirect wash of light on the posts of the docking area. The ‘half-moon’ sconce creates rich ambient light and the copper weathers the elements beautifully.

Our path lights and wall/deck lighting fixtures are available using our traditional halogen bulbs or our energy-efficient LED lighting technology.  We’d be happy to discuss the differences and advantages of the lighting technologies with you.

Using traditional lighting in nontraditional ways is just one example of how Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples can make your outdoor areas safer and more attractive.  Let our professional lighting designers show you ways you never thought of to light up your outdoor living spaces.  Give us a call today and we’ll show you how with a free night time demonstration.


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Kurt Shearer, Owner
Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples



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