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Lighting Trees in Southwest Florida with Style


We’ve talked about the benefits of outdoor lighting and how it can transform your Southwest Florida living spaces, making them more useful and safer.  We’ve also touched on focal lighting for water features and architectural elements around your pool or lanai.  Today we would like to talk more about outdoor lighting for trees which is much different than outdoor lighting for homes, paths or other landscaping.


Outdoor lighting for trees is different because of the nature of the object being lit.  Tree lighting can be tricky if not done by a professional outdoor lighting designer.  At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples, we know the best angle for the light so that it will illuminate the tree and not shine into people’s eyes.  We also know the proper distance the fixture needs to be installed to light the full canopy of the tree without the beam being interrupted by the underside of the canopy. And we know the best place to mount the fixtures so that it will not disrupt foot traffic and will protect the fixture and the home’s residents and guests.


You always want outdoor lighting to look natural, emulating the trees daytime appearance.  The trunk size and canopy need to be considered when deciding on proper lighting technique.  Depending on the height of the tree and the desired effect we can light your trees by using either uplighting or downlighting.

Uplighting reveals the trees magnificent elements


The most common type of tree lighting is uplighting.  Uplighting trees, especially palm trees so prevalent in the Naples area can make a very dramatic statement. With uplighting, we install a fixture very close to the tree to direct light up the trunk, under the canopy, illuminating the entire subject.  Placing fixtures at ground level and pointing upward reveals the trees magnificent elements and makes all of its surrounding more stunning.


Another option for tree lighting is called downlighting or moon lighting.  Downlighting is an effect

Downlighting casts light through the leaves and branches of the tree simulating shadowing created by the sun.

that is not as commonly used but is impressive with the right type of tree. The lighting fixture does need to be mounted in the tree and can be tricky depending on the tree size.


Downlighting is designed to cast light down through the leaves and branches of the tree simulating the look and shadowing created naturally by the sun. Natural lighting effects like shadowing are familiar, comforting and soothing.


We can help you decide the best type of lighting for your property and trees to get the most natural and beautiful look for your home.  Give us a call today and we would be happy to show you how beautiful your trees can look with a free nighttime demonstration.

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Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples


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