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Outdoor Lighting Inspirations in Southwest Florida

Words sometimes cannot express the same emotions as a photo. At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples, we carefully design our clients outdoor lighting plans around Southwest Florida’s natural inspirations. See how we craft each plan to show the subjects texture and shape at the best angle, just as you would a masterpiece. Enjoy!

Kurt Shearer, Owner
Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples

Why Color is So Important for Outdoor Lighting in Naples

A couple of weeks ago, while writing about our technologically advanced LEDs, we touched upon CRI or the Color Rendering Index.  We’d like to explain how CRI works to show you why we are so excited about the rating in our lighting fixtures.

Color Rendering Index (CRI) is a scale used to measure a light source’s ability to reproduce the colors and textures of an object as closely as natural light would.  The CRI scale ranges from 1-100;

Southwest Florida’s outdoor lighting looks like natural light when the CRI is above 80.

the higher the number, the better the score.  Poor color, or where color does not show, rates at a 79 or lower.  Good color is achieved in the range of 80 – 94, and great color rates at 95 or above.

That may sound a little technical, but it can be boiled down to this: every light source generates color and the color of light your outdoor fixtures produce should look as natural as possible.  If you recall the comparison photo in our past story, our low-voltage halogen lighting and our advanced LED lighting were very comparable.  That’s because the CRI of both lighting sources is over 80.  LED technology, until recently, rated low on the CRI scale.  The new LEDs from Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples are rated at a CRI of 80, and in some cases 90 and above. That means our LEDS will show textures and colors the same way you would see them during the day, making LEDs a great choice in outdoor lighting. Not only will your lighting give off a natural glow, it also costs about one-tenth of the price to run as traditional lighting.  And, our LED “bulbs” have a rated life of 50,000 hours. That’s years’ worth of continuous operation.

Energy-efficiencies, long bulb life and a high CRI rating are great reasons to be excited about our LEDs.  What’s more is that our LED technology can be retrofitted into your existing system.  Give us a call to talk about getting a system installed at your home.

Kurt Shearer, Owner
Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples


Lighting Trees in Southwest Florida with Style


We’ve talked about the benefits of outdoor lighting and how it can transform your Southwest Florida living spaces, making them more useful and safer.  We’ve also touched on focal lighting for water features and architectural elements around your pool or lanai.  Today we would like to talk more about outdoor lighting for trees which is much different than outdoor lighting for homes, paths or other landscaping.


Outdoor lighting for trees is different because of the nature of the object being lit.  Tree lighting can be tricky if not done by a professional outdoor lighting designer.  At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples, we know the best angle for the light so that it will illuminate the tree and not shine into people’s eyes.  We also know the proper distance the fixture needs to be installed to light the full canopy of the tree without the beam being interrupted by the underside of the canopy. And we know the best place to mount the fixtures so that it will not disrupt foot traffic and will protect the fixture and the home’s residents and guests.


You always want outdoor lighting to look natural, emulating the trees daytime appearance.  The trunk size and canopy need to be considered when deciding on proper lighting technique.  Depending on the height of the tree and the desired effect we can light your trees by using either uplighting or downlighting.

Uplighting reveals the trees magnificent elements


The most common type of tree lighting is uplighting.  Uplighting trees, especially palm trees so prevalent in the Naples area can make a very dramatic statement. With uplighting, we install a fixture very close to the tree to direct light up the trunk, under the canopy, illuminating the entire subject.  Placing fixtures at ground level and pointing upward reveals the trees magnificent elements and makes all of its surrounding more stunning.


Another option for tree lighting is called downlighting or moon lighting.  Downlighting is an effect

Downlighting casts light through the leaves and branches of the tree simulating shadowing created by the sun.

that is not as commonly used but is impressive with the right type of tree. The lighting fixture does need to be mounted in the tree and can be tricky depending on the tree size.


Downlighting is designed to cast light down through the leaves and branches of the tree simulating the look and shadowing created naturally by the sun. Natural lighting effects like shadowing are familiar, comforting and soothing.


We can help you decide the best type of lighting for your property and trees to get the most natural and beautiful look for your home.  Give us a call today and we would be happy to show you how beautiful your trees can look with a free nighttime demonstration.

Kurt Shearer


Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples

Temporary Lighting Makes Naples Events Enchanting

It is the perfect time of year to hold an outdoor event in Southwest Florida.  Entertainment opportunities from outdoor weddings to graduation parties to birthday parties and more pop up throughout the spring and summer.  The list of celebrations is as big as your imagination.

When planning for you next event, make sure outdoor lighting lands at the top of the list.  Outdoor lighting not only provides added ambience but it also enhances the safety of the area and can actually expand your useable space. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples

Temporary outdoor event lighting can be easily added to highlight the best attributes of your property.  Our battery operated path lights will brighten your walkways, drawing your guest into the party, while also enhancing the safety of the area.  Our spot and flood lights turn special landscaping and water features into beautiful focal points.  Floating light spheres in various colors and holiday string lights can hang from palm trees and make your event beautifully enchanting.

Our outdoor lighting design will highlight all the best features of your property. You will be as impressed with the look of your space as your guests are.

Give us a call to talk about lighting your next special event.  We would be happy to design your dream space with outdoor lighting from Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples.

Kurt Shearer, Naples Outdoor Lighting Perspectives


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