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Outdoor String Lighting – Not Just for the Holidays

Though here in Naples our weather is milder than the rest of the country, this week’s weather has been yet another strong reminder that spring is here. And of course, spring is the best time to be outdoors here in Florida. It’s a time of gatherings, parties, weddings, and any number of events that bring us together to celebrate. As you plan your next spring event, don’t confine festive lighting to the Christmas season. String lights are an essential party accent that will put your guests in the mood to celebrate life, both new and continuing.

Lighted Palm Trees by Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples

Sting lighting sets the mood for any outdoor activity.


String lighting is versatile, portable, and fun. Some of your favorite coastal restaurants and many cafes and bistros make use of such lighting to brighten the atmosphere, accent architecture, and highlight trees. Imagine string lights wrapping the eaves of your porch or gazebo or twining through the fronds of your palm trees. Your guests’ mood will lighten as they enter your home or backyard, and the lights will let them know it’s time to relax, let their hair down, and have a great time.


String lighting is a type of temporary lighting, and Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples has many years of experience designing and installing this type of outdoor lighting. All of our temporary lighting is set so that there are no unsightly (and potentially unsafe!) cords to detract from the atmosphere. As we mentioned in a story last year, many of our temporary lights are battery powered and rechargeable, and we will design and set the lights up for you. Though string lighting is technically temporary, we can also install it to remain functional and beautiful all year. After all, lighted-gazebo-on-the-beach-I-want-to-go-there-1024x898Florida weather is a reason to celebrate during all seasons. No matter what you are celebrating, whether a special occasion or just the arrival of the weekend, string lights are the enjoyable, festive lighting addition that shouts, “Let’s have fun!”


So when you plan your parties and celebrations this spring, remember that outdoor string lights are not just for the winter holiday season, and when you are ready to have the best quality string lights hung in all the right places, call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples. We will dress your property up, so it is bright, festive, and party-ready in no time at all.




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Temporary Event Lighting You’ll Want to Invite Back

Hosting special events are often the push we need to spruce up around the house or get to that ‘to do’ list that has been covering dust.  The end of the summer makes way for many types of outdoor events but don’t despair if one of those items on the ‘to do’ list is outdoor lighting and you find yourself out of time.

Many times outdoor event lighting is thought about at the last minute.  Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples can step in to create an outdoor lighting presentation worthy of your event.  Our temporary outdoor lighting has the same benefits as installed outdoor lighting plus additional advantages.

As with our traditional outdoor lighting our temporary or event lighting can enhance your outdoor areas by illuminating trees, landscaping, pools, waterfalls, or just about any area in your outdoor spaces.

Southwest Florida Outdoor Event Lighting

Temporary Outdoor Lighting can be added to places that traditional lighting may not work.

The additional advantage is that our temporary lighting can be set up quickly and placed in areas where traditional lighting may not be available.  Our battery powered LED lighting fixtures can be strategically placed to highlight all the best attributes of the property for a particular event.  Is it a majestic row of trees to define your space or a paved pathway to bring your guests safely to the entertainment area?  Whatever the situation, we can place our attractive copper and brass path lights to brighten your walkways and our spot and flood lights to highlight  everyday landscaping or special event props.

Our battery powered temporary LED lighting fixtures are rechargeable and cordless, making them perfect for special events. You don’t have to worry about your guests tripping over cords and at the end of the night you can take them inside to charge until the next time they are needed.


Naples temporary path lighting

Temporary Path Lighting can be lead your guests safely into the party

You will be as impressed with the look of your outdoor space as your guests are.  In fact, you may like it so much you’ll want us to come and install outdoor lighting permanently, making your dream space a reality.  Give us a call to talk about lighting your next special event.  We would be happy to design your dream space with outdoor lighting from Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples.


Kurt Shearer

Kurt Shearer, Owner
Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples