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Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples Specializes in Bringing your Evening Home and Landscape to Life

Most Naples residents will agree that this is their favorite time of year to spend time outdoors. While most of the country is under freeze warnings and shoveling snow off the sidewalks of their homes, we are enjoying highs in the low eighty degree range with plenty of sun and light breezes. January in Naples means mild, comfortable outdoor conditions that make relishing in the great outdoors ripe for the picking. Since many homeowners are spending more evenings outdoors it makes the perfect time of year to add outdoor lighting into the scenario.

Enhancing form and improving function

Landscapes throughout the Naples area resemble a tropical paradise that has stepped right out of the pages of a magazine. The yards of many area homeowners showcase a host of exotic palm trees, many native to the area, alongside tropical perennials such as Hibiscus and Bougainvillea

Palm tree lighting adds a dramatic flair to ordinary spaces

Palm tree lighting adds a dramatic flair to ordinary spaces

that are full of colorful cascading blooms. These elegant trees, shrubs and flowers create the perfect settings for landscape and garden lighting. Adding outdoor lighting to your yard will enhance the form and foliage of your choice landscape specimens and create a focal point of interest within your landscape

Outdoor lighting can also enhance your outdoor evening experiences in many ways. Outdoor lighting will increase the beauty and ambiance in your outdoor setting and within your landscape and will also increase the opportunity for extended function. This is especially true with outdoor spaces such as pools, patios and decks. Outdoor lighting will enable you to linger in these spaces longer, taking advantage of the presently mild weather. By adding

Adding outdoor lighting allows you to use your favorite places after the sun goes down.

Adding outdoor lighting allows you to use your favorite places after the sun goes down.

outdoor lighting specific to the outdoor areas you utilize during the evening hours, such as pool and underwater lighting, deck and patio lighting, and path lighting, you can feel secure taking that midnight swim, or hosting that dinner party on your deck. Outdoor lighting will increase the safety, security and beauty in any outdoor setting.

Don’t spend another evening wishing you could linger a little longer, only to be forced indoors with the setting sun. Contact Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples to learn more about getting more pleasure out of your home and landscape after the sun goes down. Call today to schedule your evening demonstration.



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Kurt Shearer, Owner
Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples


Outdoor Lighting Inspirations in Southwest Florida

Words sometimes cannot express the same emotions as a photo. At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples, we carefully design our clients outdoor lighting plans around Southwest Florida’s natural inspirations. See how we craft each plan to show the subjects texture and shape at the best angle, just as you would a masterpiece. Enjoy!

Kurt Shearer, Owner
Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples Adds Beauty to Your Holiday Home and Beyond

The holidays are a time when many homeowners host celebrations of family, friends and even employees and co-workers in their home. With this in mind it is important to have your home looking its best from the inside out. This includes making sure your landscaping is fluffed and your holiday decorations and lighting are all aglow. One important key to enhancing your home and landscape is the addition of outdoor lighting. Professional outdoor lighting brings so much to the table in terms of adding curb appeal and beauty to your residence. It can also help create a first impression that is truly memorable when those holiday guests come to call.

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives installation of architectural lighting showcases the intricate features of this entry way.

Among the two best genres of outdoor lighting that make the most impact within a professional outdoor lighting design is landscape lighting and architectural lighting. Each element used in professional outdoor lighting is made to work hand in hand with one another. For example, architectural and facade lighting can be enjoyed in unison with path lighting to enhance the path to your door. The goal of a successful outdoor lighting design is to lead your senses from the curb to the door of your home without missing a step of your homes appeal.

Accentuate the positive

Everyone wants their home to appear just as beautiful in the evening as it does during the day. A well-appointed outdoor lighting design will do just that, and more. Our formula is simple, we take the most unique and individualized features of your home and accentuate them with soft washes of light. This can include dormers, eaves, columns, custom trim, millwork, masonry and stone which is part of your home’s architecture. Architectural lighting is also used to enhance the height, width and depth of your homes dimensions.

Along with enhancing any architectural areas of interest, and using light to add dimension to your home and landscape our outdoor lighting is tailor made to highlight all the best features of your property. What features make your specific property unique can be as varied as the people who reside in them. Your landscape may include a water feature that can be brought to life in the evening by adding outdoor lighting, or even a treasured rose garden that you work diligently to cultivate during the day. The addition of landscape and garden lighting to this same rose garden will maximize the fruits of your labor because you can drink in all the lovely blooms even under the veil of the night sky.

The Naples area is part of a tropical climate with a constant flow of warm wind blowing in from the

Landscape lighting on these majestic palm trees add presence to the yard.

Gulf of Mexico. This type of weather makes for some gorgeous landscaping by our area residents. Along with long-blooming tropical perennials, and lush vegetation, palm trees are a staple in most Naples landscapes. Taking advantage of the unique shape and form of palm trees with outdoor tree lighting is a great way to add presence to your yard. A line of palms becomes magical with the addition of up- lighting giving your property an air of mystery and creating a hauntingly beautiful lighting effect.

If you are ready to add professional outdoor lighting to your home and landscape contact Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples today. We can turn your home sweet home into an elegant work of art just in time for the holiday rush and for the months ahead. If you already have an existing outdoor lighting system give us a call to make sure your system is running top-notch throughout the coming year.


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Outdoor Lighting Turns Naples Backyard into a Resort-Like Setting

Two of my favorite natural wonders of Southwest Florida, and the reasons I love living here, are the beautiful blue waters and the ornate signature palm trees.  There are few places in the States where you can walk out your back door, or just a short distance away, to enjoy such magnificent treasures.

We recently completed a job for a client who had several Royal Palm trees in his backyard and he wanted to highlight their distinctive characteristics with landscape lighting.  He wanted these trees to transform his surroundings and create an elegant retreat for his family.

Our first task was to install up lights near the trees trunks.  Up lights have the ability to use bulbs of varying wattages and an assortment of beam spreads, which causes different effects.   This can give a unique look and feel to the trees, especially when they are mixed sizes.  You can see in the photo below how using different beam spreads and wattages focused on distinctive areas of the trees, whether it is the palm fronds or the trunks, the entire canopy or a range of branches.  This adds depth and texture to the trees and awakens the area.

Of course, this client has a spectacular backyard to begin with, but now that his palm trees are lit with the lighting they deserve, a stunning oasis is created.  Not everyone has the canvas this client has, but lighting your palm trees can still enhance your outdoor spaces.

We consider palm tree lighting one of our specialties and have been creating captivating areas like this for over 10 years.  If you would like to see our designs on your home, trees or outdoor spaces, give us a call.  We would be happy to transform your spaces with a nighttime demonstration.

Kurt Shearer, Owner
Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples

Temporary Event Lighting You’ll Want to Invite Back

Hosting special events are often the push we need to spruce up around the house or get to that ‘to do’ list that has been covering dust.  The end of the summer makes way for many types of outdoor events but don’t despair if one of those items on the ‘to do’ list is outdoor lighting and you find yourself out of time.

Many times outdoor event lighting is thought about at the last minute.  Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples can step in to create an outdoor lighting presentation worthy of your event.  Our temporary outdoor lighting has the same benefits as installed outdoor lighting plus additional advantages.

As with our traditional outdoor lighting our temporary or event lighting can enhance your outdoor areas by illuminating trees, landscaping, pools, waterfalls, or just about any area in your outdoor spaces.

Southwest Florida Outdoor Event Lighting

Temporary Outdoor Lighting can be added to places that traditional lighting may not work.

The additional advantage is that our temporary lighting can be set up quickly and placed in areas where traditional lighting may not be available.  Our battery powered LED lighting fixtures can be strategically placed to highlight all the best attributes of the property for a particular event.  Is it a majestic row of trees to define your space or a paved pathway to bring your guests safely to the entertainment area?  Whatever the situation, we can place our attractive copper and brass path lights to brighten your walkways and our spot and flood lights to highlight  everyday landscaping or special event props.

Our battery powered temporary LED lighting fixtures are rechargeable and cordless, making them perfect for special events. You don’t have to worry about your guests tripping over cords and at the end of the night you can take them inside to charge until the next time they are needed.


Naples temporary path lighting

Temporary Path Lighting can be lead your guests safely into the party

You will be as impressed with the look of your outdoor space as your guests are.  In fact, you may like it so much you’ll want us to come and install outdoor lighting permanently, making your dream space a reality.  Give us a call to talk about lighting your next special event.  We would be happy to design your dream space with outdoor lighting from Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples.


Kurt Shearer

Kurt Shearer, Owner
Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples

Lighting Trees in Southwest Florida with Style


We’ve talked about the benefits of outdoor lighting and how it can transform your Southwest Florida living spaces, making them more useful and safer.  We’ve also touched on focal lighting for water features and architectural elements around your pool or lanai.  Today we would like to talk more about outdoor lighting for trees which is much different than outdoor lighting for homes, paths or other landscaping.


Outdoor lighting for trees is different because of the nature of the object being lit.  Tree lighting can be tricky if not done by a professional outdoor lighting designer.  At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples, we know the best angle for the light so that it will illuminate the tree and not shine into people’s eyes.  We also know the proper distance the fixture needs to be installed to light the full canopy of the tree without the beam being interrupted by the underside of the canopy. And we know the best place to mount the fixtures so that it will not disrupt foot traffic and will protect the fixture and the home’s residents and guests.


You always want outdoor lighting to look natural, emulating the trees daytime appearance.  The trunk size and canopy need to be considered when deciding on proper lighting technique.  Depending on the height of the tree and the desired effect we can light your trees by using either uplighting or downlighting.

Uplighting reveals the trees magnificent elements


The most common type of tree lighting is uplighting.  Uplighting trees, especially palm trees so prevalent in the Naples area can make a very dramatic statement. With uplighting, we install a fixture very close to the tree to direct light up the trunk, under the canopy, illuminating the entire subject.  Placing fixtures at ground level and pointing upward reveals the trees magnificent elements and makes all of its surrounding more stunning.


Another option for tree lighting is called downlighting or moon lighting.  Downlighting is an effect

Downlighting casts light through the leaves and branches of the tree simulating shadowing created by the sun.

that is not as commonly used but is impressive with the right type of tree. The lighting fixture does need to be mounted in the tree and can be tricky depending on the tree size.


Downlighting is designed to cast light down through the leaves and branches of the tree simulating the look and shadowing created naturally by the sun. Natural lighting effects like shadowing are familiar, comforting and soothing.


We can help you decide the best type of lighting for your property and trees to get the most natural and beautiful look for your home.  Give us a call today and we would be happy to show you how beautiful your trees can look with a free nighttime demonstration.

Kurt Shearer


Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples

Changing the Way We Light Up the Night

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives LED lights provide a warm glow and 80% energy savings.

LED or light emitting diode lighting is quickly becoming the new trend in homes and outdoor living spaces everywhere. Until very recently, LED lights were not suitable for outdoor applications.  The colors of LED bulbs for outdoor lighting purposes were not as attractive as the traditional halogen bulbs used in most lighting fixtures and the directional capabilities were poor. But today, the look of LED lighting is almost undistinguishable and has many more benefits. The biggest benefit that consumers see is an 80% energy savings by simply switching to LED.

Traditional halogen bulbs used most frequently in outdoor lighting have a rated life of 4,000 to 5,000 hours.  The environmental friendly LED lighting from Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples has a rated life of 50,000 hours, or 19 years if you have them on for 7 hours a day! The energy efficiencies save electricity and the long burn rate lowers maintenance costs. The color is warm and will illuminate all the best characteristics of your home and landscaping and the bulb is backed by an outstanding warranty.

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples also offers more flexibility than all competing models on the market.  For most LED outdoor light fixtures, once the LED surpasses its useful life, you needed to discard the entire fixture and install another. However, the LED’s are changeable in Outdoor Lighting Perspectives’ fixtures. If you need to replace the LED–or decide you need a broader or narrower light beam–you simply switch out the bulb, not the entire fixture.

LED Lights from Outdoor Lighting Perspectives can be retrofitted into your existing fixtures

Or, if you already have halogen lighting, either Outdoor Lighting Perspectives or someone else’s, we can actually retrofit those fixtures with our new LED bulbs.  LED retrofitting is just as easy as calling us at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples. We will come to your home, retrofit your existing lighting fixtures, check your transformer and adjust the voltage, re-cover any exposed wiring, reset timers and review any other needs you may have at that time.

We would love to show you how to save up to 80% of your lighting costs with our new products. Call us today at 239-263-9975 for a free consultation and we’ll show you how to light up your night.

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