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Securing Your Naples or Fort Myers Home While You’re Away for the Summer

It’s that time of year again, many of our beloved snowbirds are heading north to spend their summer with family and friends. If you’re heading home for the summer, you quite likely have a long to-do list in preparation for your trip. With so much to consider, we’ve put together a few tips for securing your home while you’re away for any extended period.

Create the illusion that you’re home

This illusion is the best way to deter potential burglaries. There are many ways to achieve this illusion including:

  • tree-lighting-Old-Florida-home-NaplesMail Delivery. Suspend all mail/package delivery while you’re away. Don’t forget monthly subscriptions and newspapers.
  • Car in the Driveway. Leaving a car in the driveway is a great way to make burglars think twice. Asking a trusted neighbor to park in your driveway will create a more believable affect as the car will come and go at normal hours.
  • Timers. Adding timers to your indoor lights will allow you to set your lamps to come on at various times to give a natural appearance to the evenings and early mornings inside of your home.
  • Maintenance. Hire someone or a service to perform regular exterior maintenance on your home while away. Keeping the lawn maintained and the shrubbery trimmed will keep your home looking neat and occupied.
  • Outdoor Lighting. Outside lighting provides visibility of doors and windows from the street and neighboring homes, deterring would-be burglars from trying to enter through such a visible area.
  • Timers. Outside lights left on during the day can signal you are gone. It is the little things like this that burglars look for. Learn about Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples lighting control automation, it can control your interior and exterior lights. And best of all, it can be turned on and off from a laptop, allowing you to make changes and resets from across the country.

Security system

Having a security system is a great way to deter intruders. If alarms go off when windows are opened or doors are opened, intruders will usually leave immediately. Add security system signage to your lawn or front door to advertise that your home is secure to deter attempted burglaries before they even try.

Attentive neighbor or friend

Ask a trusted neighbor or friend to watch over your place and call you in the event there is an issue. Having your home checked over once a week to be sure issues from summer storms, attempted burglaries or power outages don’t occur is advised to avoid having small issues turn into large expensive disasters.

A house sitter

Hiring a house-sitter is a great way to keep your home occupied while you are gone. With someone inhabiting your home and keeping up with general every day cleaning and maintenance you can rest easy knowing any potential issues that could arise are being handled or communicated to you in real-time.

More Summer Vacation Preparation

Kurt Shearer, Owner Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples 239-263-9975

Kurt Shearer, Owner
Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples

Security is not the only consideration when going north for the summer. There are many maintenance items you will want to be sure to address before you go to make sure your home does not suffer any ill-effects from heat, power outages or moisture build up while you’re away. We discovered a fantastic resource provided by a local realtor, to help you cover your bases.

If you’re interested in lighting control automation or outdoor lighting for your home, call today for a free consultation. 239-263-9975

Safety is Beautiful: Outdoor Lighting for Your Southwest Home Security

Eliminating darkness on your property can make it more secure.

Eliminating darkness on your property can make it more secure.

It’s migration season. Birds that wintered over here in Naples are journeying back north. Of course, this happens with people too. Many who spend the winter in our area will be returning to their summer homes in the next few weeks. If you are headed back north soon, you are probably going through your checklist to be sure everything is ready for the months you will be away. Leaving your property for long periods of time can cause apprehension. You want your home to be safe and secure. Don’t forget that outdoor lighting is one of your best security measures, so be sure your system is in top shape before you leave.


A well-illuminated property is a crime deterrent. Such a home is at less risk of vandalism or breaking and entering. Unsavory characters prefer to strike homes that are shadowed and dark. In those environments, they are much less likely to be spotted. Not only is outdoor lighting striking and elegant, it can prompt someone with bad intentions to keep moving down the street. So contact Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples to schedule system maintenance. We will ensure your fixtures are in their optimal positions, wiring is reburied, any burned out bulbs are replaced, and your transformer is in good condition. With these routine adjustments, your property will shine. It will attract the attention you want, admiration from neighbors and friends, and not the kind you don’t from vandals and thieves.


Lighting Control Automation can give the appearance of being home when you are not.

Lighting Control Automation can give the appearance of being home when you are not.

To further increase the security your outdoor lighting system provides, consider adding Lighting Control Automation (LCA). While it is like a timer in many ways, it does so much more. LCA controls all of the electrical circuits on your property, including your interior lights and TV. Different zones are established, and they can be programmed to turn on and off on a schedule that mimics your normal routines. That way, the exterior of your home and your landscape is illuminated, and your interior lights come on and turn off as if you were home. Knowing it will be less apparent that you are away can give you peace of mind until you return to Naples again in the fall.


So if you are migrating soon, give Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples a call. Whether it is routine maintenance, installing Lighting Control Automation, or installing a new system, we can help you be sure your property is secure and ready for your departure. You can relax and enjoy your summer.


Kurt Shearer Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples




Kurt Shearer, Owner

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples

The brains behind Naples most beautiful outdoor lighting designs has DST covered

Daylight savings time has come again. If you are still programming your outdoor lighting with a manual timer, you are well aware of the frustration and guessing games associated with the time change. Having to chase dusk becomes a necessity when we are required to spring forward to accommodate the change of DST. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples wants you to know there is a better way to program your outdoor lighting. It is called lighting control automation, or LCA, and this proven technology has become a staple among our clients.

Lighting control automation is convenient, effortless and extremely flexible. You can truly customize your entire home both indoors and out so that you will never have to worry if the lights

You home will look occupied even if you are away.

You home will look occupied even if you are away.

are on at the right time or not again. And, there is no additional wiring needed to do this.  Our smart system automatically does more than simply turn on selected lights at dusk. It can control all indoor and outdoor electric outlets.

Benefits of LCA

With LCA you can create zones to control groups of lights and appliances, or turn off all the lights with the flick of one switch. This automation is user friendly and can be programmed so that random indoor and outdoor lights come on at different times and stay lit for varying intervals to give the appearance that someone is always home. This feature comes in handy when you are away from home for extended periods of time, or on vacation. Our LCA technology will give you peace of mind that your house appears to be occupied, creating a more secure home and landscape.

One of the best things about having LCA is the way your outdoor lighting can be set to a

Have your outdoor lights come on at half power at dusk and increase as darkness settles in.

Have your outdoor lights come on at half power at dusk and increase as darkness settles in.

utomatically come on at dusk every evening. We can even program your smart system to come on at 50% power at dusk and increase as the night grows darker. Not only does this look phenomenal within the landscape as evening reaches a fever pitch, it is also energy efficient. With this smart system you can also have your lights automatically shut off at sunrise, or customize the controls for the lighting to automatically turn off at your desired time. It is all up to you.  When daylight savings time arrives, your lighting will automatically adjust to the changes without having to lift a finger too!

There is one more convenient benefit of using our LCA technology; this is being able to access your lights through your laptop or smart phone any time day or night, from any location. For example, Lighting Control Automation from Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples can be programmed away from homelet’s say you and your spouse have scheduled a cozy dinner and movie on a Friday evening. Your teenage daughter texts you to let you know she is going to be later than expected and will not make her curfew.  The lights you had previously programmed to ensure her a safe entry into the house will not be on by the time she gets home and you are only half-way through your movie!  Instead of having to cut your evening short to make sure the outdoor lighting is on so your daughter will get home safe and sound, you can take out your smart phone ( no volume remember you are in the movie theatre) and program the lights you want to come on, it is that easy!


If you are interested in learning about the brains behind our most beautiful outdoor lighting designs, contact Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples to discuss our smart system LCA technologies. (239) 263 – 9975


Kurt Shearer Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples


Kurt Shearer, Owner
email: kurt@outdoorlights.com

Smart Home Technology For Your Southwest Florida Indoor and Outdoor Lights

You know how convenient and entertaining your smart phone can be.  The technology has taken you places you never knew you could go and the apps have entertained you every step of the way.  Smart technology has become a much needed part of your busy life.  But why stop with your smart phone when you can have a smart home?

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples has a product that can change the way you use lighting, and not just outdoor lighting.  Our innovative Lighting Control Automation®technology gives you control of your home’s outdoor and indoor lighting.  The smart timer can do more than just turn on

Naples lighting timer

Our smart timer can control more than just your indoor and outdoor lighting and can be customized for your lifetyle

selected lights at dusk. It can control all of your electrical outlets.  The best part is that it can be completely customized for your lifestyle.

Let me give you an example of how our Lighting Control Automation® can be customized for you:

Let’s say you have a vacation home or spend long periods of time away from your Naples home. We can program your indoor and outdoor lighting to come on every night at a low (energy-saving) level to indicate someone’s home.  We can even turn specific interior lights on and off at particular times, resembling your normal routine.

Or, say you want your front architectural lighting to remain on all night but your back deck and landscape lighting to come on at a dimmed level and brighten as it becomes darker outside.  You may also want these same lights to remain off during sea turtle nesting season.  All of this can be programmed with our Lighting Control Automation®.

Our more advanced package even allows you to control multiple home functions from your computer. Not only can you turn lights and appliances on or off, you can also control your heating and air conditioning systems and water heater remotely.

Naples outdoor lightingAs you return home, perhaps you would like your driveway and first floor lights to come on as you pull up.  It is all programmable with our Lighting Control Automation®.  You’ll return to a welcome and well lit home that makes you feel safer to enter.

You may be asking if there is an app for all that.  You’ll be happy to know you don’t need an app when you have the outdoor lighting professionals at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples.  We will set up the entire system for you.  When the smart timer is installed, we will program the latitude and longitude of your home so that your lighting will automatically adjust to sunrise and sunset throughout the year, daylight savings time and even leap year.  We will also program the zones you want to turn on and off, or even dim, throughout the year.  Once the smart timer is set, you never need to worry about it again. Perhaps best of all, you don’t have to be home for service calls. Using a computer, we can turn your system on or off without needing access to your home.

We can’t begin to list all the ways Lighting Control Automation® can work for you but you can read more about it on our outdoor lighting website.  We’d also be happy to talk with you about it.  Give us a call at 239-263-9975 and we can show you how Lighting Control Automation® can be customized specifically for you lifestyle.

Kurt Shearer

Kurt Shearer, Owner
Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples