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Changing the Way We Light Up the Night

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives LED lights provide a warm glow and 80% energy savings.

LED or light emitting diode lighting is quickly becoming the new trend in homes and outdoor living spaces everywhere. Until very recently, LED lights were not suitable for outdoor applications.  The colors of LED bulbs for outdoor lighting purposes were not as attractive as the traditional halogen bulbs used in most lighting fixtures and the directional capabilities were poor. But today, the look of LED lighting is almost undistinguishable and has many more benefits. The biggest benefit that consumers see is an 80% energy savings by simply switching to LED.

Traditional halogen bulbs used most frequently in outdoor lighting have a rated life of 4,000 to 5,000 hours.  The environmental friendly LED lighting from Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples has a rated life of 50,000 hours, or 19 years if you have them on for 7 hours a day! The energy efficiencies save electricity and the long burn rate lowers maintenance costs. The color is warm and will illuminate all the best characteristics of your home and landscaping and the bulb is backed by an outstanding warranty.

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples also offers more flexibility than all competing models on the market.  For most LED outdoor light fixtures, once the LED surpasses its useful life, you needed to discard the entire fixture and install another. However, the LED’s are changeable in Outdoor Lighting Perspectives’ fixtures. If you need to replace the LED–or decide you need a broader or narrower light beam–you simply switch out the bulb, not the entire fixture.

LED Lights from Outdoor Lighting Perspectives can be retrofitted into your existing fixtures

Or, if you already have halogen lighting, either Outdoor Lighting Perspectives or someone else’s, we can actually retrofit those fixtures with our new LED bulbs.  LED retrofitting is just as easy as calling us at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples. We will come to your home, retrofit your existing lighting fixtures, check your transformer and adjust the voltage, re-cover any exposed wiring, reset timers and review any other needs you may have at that time.

We would love to show you how to save up to 80% of your lighting costs with our new products. Call us today at 239-263-9975 for a free consultation and we’ll show you how to light up your night.

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