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Introducing Casuwel™ Outdoor Furniture at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples

OLBNov2014-12There are many elements that go into creating the perfect Naples outdoor living space. Starting with a patio or deck and moving right along with landscaping, outdoor lighting and finally furnishings. No single element can be neglected or skimped on if you are looking to create an atmosphere that will meet all of your outdoor living needs. From family gatherings, huge parties and relaxing evenings your outdoor space has many functions requiring just the right touches. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples has partnered with Casuwel™ outdoor furniture to help you put the right finishing touches on your outdoor living space.

Outdoor Furniture in Naples

Your outdoor living space is nothing without a comfortable place to sit and enjoy your guests and your space. The big box stores are saturated with low quality cheap outdoor furniture that will barely make it through a single season. The furniture is cheaply constructed and uncomfortable to use and most the time you sacrifice beautiful modern design for that very low price.

Casuwel™ outdoor furniture fills the gap between the super expensive designer furniture and the cheaply made big box outdoor furniture. We provide gorgeous designs, high quality hand-made craftsmanship and durable fabric that will look great and be comfortable for years and years. Casuwel™ quality far exceeds that of the more expensive designer brands but with moderate pricing that makes it a great investment. Whether you need conversational seating or room for al frisco eating we have the outdoor furniture to fit your every need.Fairmont Collection

Hand-made, High Quality & Beautiful Design

With aluminum frames, stainless steel staples and 100% weather proof hand weaved design your Casuwel™ furniture not only looks great but will meet your outdoor furniture needs season after season. With our anti-bacterial and anti-microbial additives you don’t have to worry about what a wet week in the spring might leave on your outdoor furniture. Our Sunbrella® fabric leads the industry for durability and choice. With 35 options of Sunbrella® fabric, every strand is individually dyed and individually weather proofed for maximum protection against fading, fraying and mildew.

Casuwel™ outdoor furniture in Naples provides you with four collections of outdoor seating and outdoor dining to choose from. Within those collections there are many pieces to choose from so that you can outfit your outdoor living space with just the right touches. And with multiple weave styles and colors plus 35 Sunbrella® fabric choices, Casuwel™ outdoor furniture can fit every individual style.

Bermuda CollectionWith our Bermuda Collection you will find a crisp, clean, refreshing design for a lovely summer feel.

Fairmont Collection homeThe Fairmont Collection gives you a high end design for a luxurious atmosphere.

charleston collection homeIf you’re looking for a more traditional cozy feel the Charleston Collection will have the perfect pieces to fit your style.

metropolitan collection homeFor those urban dwellers we created the Metropolitan Collection for a warm, inviting high style life. Choose your collection, choose your pieces and live your outdoor life in luxury with Casuwel™ outdoor furniture.

Outdoor Accessories in NaplesOLBNov2014-94

With all of the comfortable seating in your Bonita Springs or Fort Myers outdoor living space you’re going to need a few accessories to complete the feel. Casuwel™ outdoor furniture offers outdoor accessories to coordinate with your new furnishings. With stylish high quality umbrellas, rugs and pillows you can complete your outdoor living space with just the right touches. And for those stormy days or winter months we offer high quality protective covers to fit every piece so that you can extend the life of your Casuwel™ outdoor furniture even further.

Call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples for special discount pricing

After you’ve checked out the selection of Casuwel™ outdoor furniture and accessories online, call us at 239-263-9975 to place your order. We’ll get you special discount pricing as well as answer any questions you may have. Don’t wait another moment to create the best outdoor living space with the best outdoor furniture and best outdoor lighting. Call today.