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An Outdoor Lighting Package Perfect for Southwest Florida

If you’ve been on our website lately you may have noticed a new graphic advertising our outdoor lighting package deal.  And, if you’ve been thinking about installing outdoor lighting fixtures on or around your deck, patio, water features, dock or home, this may be a perfect package for you.

The offer includes your choice of 7 halogen up-lights or deck lights.  If you’ve researched outdoor lighting, you probably already know that our fixtures are manufactured to be exceptionally durable and are tested to the highest standards. Our copper and brass deck fixtures weather the elements gracefully and age to a beautiful patina finish.  Our well or up-lights blend in with your landscaping so all you see is the illumination.

In addition to the 7 halogen lights, you also receive a 300-watt transformer, 200 feet of the thickest wire used in the outdoor industry and a digital timer that can be set from dusk to dawn or any variation you choose.  All of these options plus a custom design, professional installation and all taxes are included for just $1499.

The package is a great start to enhancing your outdoor areas.  If you’re not sure which type of lighting fixtures to choose, we can help.  Up-lights, or well lights, are adjustable for brightness and typically used to highlight your home’s exterior or a striking tree.  Deck lights can be used on your deck of course, but are also perfect for securing atop retaining walls or along handrails and bench seating.  They cast a widespread glow that boosts visibility.

You may have heard a lot of buzz about LED lighting lately.  The growing trend is now spreading to outdoor lighting, and we offer outdoor LED fixtures like no other.  Our technologically advanced outdoor LEDs are designed to be up to 85% more efficient than typical halogen systems.  The initial cost of the fixtures is higher but the operating costs quickly make up for that.  The life cycle of the bulbs is also longer with a rated life of 50,000 hours, or 19 years if you have them on for 7 hours a day. We’d be happy to discuss an LED package with you if your interest takes you that route.

What’s even better is that, if after seeing your custom design, you would like to add outdoor lighting to other areas of your home or yard, we can help you with that as well.  It all starts with a call to Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples.  You let us know what you want to light and we’ll take it from there.

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples


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